21-Day "First Fruits" - Daily Prayer & Fasting Guide

Updated: January 1, 2023

Our 21-Days of Prayer and Fasting begins on Monday, January 2nd. We will collectively break our fast together on Sunday, January 22, 2023.

Instructions for 21-Day "First Fruits" prayer and fasting emphasis…

Examine your life and determine what area needs a breakthrough. You can use the guide below to select one or several areas, or you might have one different than those listed. Remember, it is only a guide. You may also want to consider fasting for a family member, or on behalf of someone else. Once you select a breakthrough decide how you are going to fast during the 21 days. You can reference the guide. We encourage you to write these things down.

21 breakthroughs for which you could fast...

1. Financial Provision & Blessing or to get out of debt

2. Physical Healing for a family member, friend, or yourself

3. Victory over sins like pride, legalism, or self-righteousness

4. Restoration of a Relationship

5. To quit a bad habit like Smoking or other

6. Overcome Drug or Alcohol addiction for a family member, friend, or yourself

7. Salvation of a friend or family member

8. Promotion or New Opportunity at Work

9. Wisdom or Direction for a Critical Decision

10. Deliverance from Spiritual Oppression

11. The influence and growth of a ministry you lead or serve in

12. Victory over anxiety, fear, depression, or loneliness

13. The courage to make a decision you know you need to make

14. Improved Communication or Conflict Resolution in your marriage

15. A revival of your passion and love for the Lord

16. The development of a devotional time with the Lord

17. Spiritual Awakening for your spouse or children

18. To stop living a double life...one at church and one at work

19. Overcome Sexual Issues like pornography, lust, or impure thoughts

20. For people in your Ministry Team to step up and become leaders

21. Expansion of the Children and Youth Ministries


14 ways you could fast...

1. All meals for 21 days.

2. 2 meals a day for 21 days.

3. 1 meal a day for 21 days.

4. All meals 3 days a week for 3 weeks.

5. All meals 1 day a week for 3 weeks.

6. Only Eat Nuts, Grains, Fruits and Vegetables (no meat) for 21 days..."Daniel Fast" (Daniel 10:2-3) (See also Daniel 1:8-14)

7. All food and drink Water only 1 day a week for 3 weeks.

8. Television for 21 days.

9. Coffee or Caffeine for 21 days.

10. Only drink water for 21 days.

11. Video Games for 21 days.

12. Internet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social network websites) for 21 days.

13. Desserts, Sweets, Soft Drinks, or Chocolate for 21 days.

14. All meals for 7 days, 2 meals a day for 7 days, 1 meal a day for 7 days.


7 things you can expect...

1. You can expect it to be challenging and difficult. This will take discipline and focus on your part. Disciples are known by their discipline.

2. If you’ll stick to your commitment to the Lord you should see a great increase in your faith and your personal spiritual transformation.

3. God may answer your request during these 21 days...but He may not. There is no way for people to know exactly what God is going to do. We do know that during this emphasis we will draw closer to the Lord and that is our responsibility.

4. You will be more sensitive to God’s Holy Spirit in your life. Removing the necessities and distractions of life will add a new sense of clarity to the voice of God.

5. You will have an increased fellowship with God and have a greater understanding of what it means to depend upon Him to meet your needs. The biblical word for this is the Supplication of God.

6. You should find yourself praying more small direct prayers throughout the day.

7. You should expect an increase in spiritual tension and resistance from the devil. The Bible doesn’t speak at all on the physical dangers of fasting. However, on several occasions mentions the spiritual danger of fasting, specifically the pride and acknowledgement of being a devoted, zealous and admirable disciple.

3 Dangers to guard against...

1. The “God will reward me for this” mentality. Fasting is not the “work” that earns blessings from the hand of God. This is a demonic lie from our consumer culture.

2. The Pride and Self-righteous attitude that can come with practicing spiritual disciplines. This is not about you being the best disciple; this is about your desire and hunger to draw closer to God.

3. The idea of breaking your fast because you’ve already done enough. Several times during the fast you will think to yourself “I can’t do this any longer”, and you will try to justify breaking your fast since you’ve already done more than ever before. Don’t quit. Stick to your commitment.

1 Reason why God rewards fasting...

God rewards fasting when it’s done with the right heart. Proper fasting confesses that we are helpless without Him, and that we require Him to give us the Hope we need to press on in the world He created. This brings Glory to God because the Giver always gets the Glory.

A Message to Families about Prayer and Fasting Together…

Your children may hear you speak about the upcoming 21-Day Prayer and Fasting Emphasis with much anticipation. They may wonder if this is something that they can do along with their family, and the answer is yes! Explain to your children that fasting will help them grow stronger as a Christian and closer to Jesus. When they take special time out to pray to Jesus and at the same time, take special effort to not enjoy a favorite food/snack item or activity during a certain period of time, they are fasting.

As a family, sit down together and talk about for whom or what your children are seeking God about and in which way they are going to fast. Then, have your children write down their decisions on the card, just like you are doing and seal it in an envelope. We will collect the sealed envelopes in Lighthouse Kids.

Explain to your children that there will be times when they will find it hard to fast and may even want to change their minds in the middle of the fast. However, as parents, gently encourage them and help them keep the commitment they made to the Lord and see how He answers their prayers. Following the 21-Days of Fasting and Praying, sit down with them and talk about what the Lord did during this special time. As a church family, we will then break the fast together on January 22, 2023.

Before you begin the 21-Day Prayer Guide keep in mind your family’s schedule and decide which days of the week you are going to meet together to pray. Be sure to explain in simple words the prayer emphasis for that particular day, so your children can be a part of the prayer time.

Remember that a child’s body needs the proper nutrition and activity as well as rest to keep them healthy and whole. They don’t need to fast complete meals or healthy food choices for days at a time or give up the exercise that playtime affords. Children respond best with a set schedule, so be sure to create one where they will know which days during the 21-Days of Prayer and Fasting that they will be fasting and what exactly they are fasting.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Their favorite cartoon or TV program

2. No Family TV on a specific day/night – use this time to play games or spend family time together

3. No “Fast Foods” for all or part of the 21 days

4. A special treat or snack (candy, cookies, sweets, etc.)

5. A favorite activity (going shopping, playing games, playing video or computer games, etc.)


21 Day Prayer Guide

DAY 1 January 2

Verse of the Day: Matthew 6:33

Today is the first day of something new. Regardless of where you are in your relationship with God, 21 days of prioritizing the Lord over essential needs in your life will draw you closer to Him and transform whatever needs to change. So today pray that God will help you to envision how you will resemble Him more closely at the end of these 21 days.


DAY 2 January 3

Verse of the Day: Proverbs 3:9-10

Pray for the finances of your fellow church members. Due to current economic conditions, and the rise in cost of living, insurance and housing, many of us are struggling to prioritize our finances. Pray that we would all be faithful to the Lord, and that He would provide His blessing for us.


DAY 3 January 4

Verse of the Day: Philippians 4:19

Pray we would all depend upon Him and recognize He is the One who meets all of our needs in life. Pray today for the families in our church, improved communication in marriages, singles who are focused on their commitment to the Lord, teenagers who will obediently follow the Lord, and children who will start off their walk with the Lord the proper way.


DAY 4 January 5

Verse of the Day: Proverbs 2:6

Pray today that God would provide all of the resources necessary to "possess the land" that Hope Vineyard Church needs to bring city transformation. Ask God to give our Pastor and leaders the wisdom to make the correct decisions concerning the direction of the church.


DAY 5 January 6

Verse of the Day: Matthew 19:26

Pray today for an increase in your personal faith. Ask God to show you that which you believe is impossible, and then specifically ask Him to give you the faith to entrust Him with the responsibility of it. Ask God to give you a refreshing measure of faith to believe with Him all things are possible.


DAY 6 January 7

Verse of the Day: Philippians 4:13

We hope you’ve stayed to your commitment up to this point. If you have not, then today is “get back on your horse” day. Pray that God will renew your commitment and give you the strength to re-commit to Him. If you’ve been going strong ask Him to give you a renewal of passion to keep on going with this journey.


DAY 7 January 8

Verse of the Day: John 12:36a

Pray today for our Lighthouse Kids ministries and our Refuge youth. Pray for God to work mightily in the lives of the kids and that we’d see many young people prioritize the Lord in their lives. Pray for spiritual renewal in the lives of many teenagers and that they would be influential leaders in the lives of their friends.


DAY 8 January 9

Verse of the Day: Philippians 4:6-7

Pray for the physical healing of those battling illness, disease, and injury in our church. Pray for them to have an increase in faith to believe that with God even the impossible becomes possible. Pray for strength for their families and peace from the anxiety and fears associated with the illness and injury of a loved one.


DAY 9 January 10

Verse of the Day: Romans 15:13

Pray for those who are involved in areas of ministry at Hope Vineyard Church. Ask the Lord that they will be able to reach people with the life transforming hope brought by Jesus Christ. Pray that God will enable them to see the work He is doing in their lives and the supernatural hope and provision He wants to bring to that area.


DAY 10 January 11

Verse of the Day: 1 Peter 5:9; 2 Peter 3:9b

Pray for the nations where Christians are persecuted and killed for their faith. Pray for strength and passion for them as they face intense challenges to sharing their faith with others. Pray for the protection of their families from the physical threat of government and local religious leaders who oppose them. Pray for great favor for them amongst their people that many will surrender to the call of Jesus Christ.


DAY 11 January 12

Verse of the Day: Romans 8:37

Pray for those in our church family who are personally or who have someone living in their house that is battling alcohol or drug addiction. Pray for the teenagers and children in our church who have parents with addiction struggles. Pray for God’s breakthrough for them from the patterns and behaviors that are damaging their lives and relationships.


DAY 12 January 13

Verse of the Day: 1 Timothy 2:1-2

Pray for the government of our city, state and nation to have an increase in Godly leaders who can shape the policy and funding of our area to improve the education, safety, morals, economy, and political structure and effectiveness.


DAY 13 January 14

Verse of the Day: 1 Peter 3:15

Pray for the opportunity to share your faith this week with someone who does not have a relationship with Jesus. Pray that God would open the doors and align your path with someone who needs the power and salvation of a new relationship with the Lord. Pray that God would give you the courage to share when the door opens.


DAY 14 January 15

Verse of the Day: Matthew 22:39

Pray for your neighborhood today. Pray that God would allow you to build relationships with those you live near, so that you could share your faith and influence their relationship with God. Pray that God would give you an idea of how you could serve one of these neighbors or even invite them to our community home groups or our Worship gatherings on Sunday.


DAY 15 January 16

Verse of the Day: Proverbs 22:6

Pray for the children of our church. Pray that God would raise them up to be mighty men and women of God who prioritize their relationship with the Lord over material possessions, education, or social status. Pray that God would use them to prepare the way for the return of Jesus.


DAY 16 January 17

Verse of the Day: Ephesians 1:18

Pray for the residents in the surrounding area that are in need of Hope. Pray that God would open their eyes to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray that God would use you to be a blessing.


DAY 17 January 18

Verse of the Day: Ephesians 6:10-11

Pray for the spiritual protection and warfare of our church body. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but we have been and are covered by the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. He has disarmed, disgraced, and defeated the devil and we need to remind the devil of what happened on the Cross of Calvary. Pray for the protection of your family and put on the whole armor of God in Ephesians 6:10-20.


DAY 18 January 19

Verse of the Day: Jeremiah 29:11-13; Proverbs 3:5-6

Pray for God to give you the perspective of your life that He sees for you. God has great plans for your life and you want to be able to have the vision to see the direction and paths He wants you to travel. Pray for discernment in critical decisions and the wisdom to know what to do and when to do it.


DAY 19 January 20

Verse of the Day: 1 Peter 4:10-11

Pray for ways to become a better leader and difference maker in your family, your work, your neighborhood, and your church. Pray for God to give you the passion and focus you need to serve Him by serving others. Ask Him to show you ways that you can step up and increase the way that you impact the lives of others.


DAY 20 January 21

Verse of the Day: Psalm 46:10; Proverbs 3:5-6

Take time today to write out some reflections of what God has spoken to you during this emphasis of focusing on the Lord. What has He shown you about distractions? What have you learned about your relationship with Him? How has He blessed you? How has He stretched you? Going forward…how should this change your life? Write this out and then pray about implementing a new relationship and commitment with God in the future.


DAY 21 January 22

Verse of the Day: Isaiah 12:5

Today is the final day of our emphasis. Whenever you complete a major accomplishment it’s always time to celebrate. So today is a day of praise. Shout to God and Sing to Him and call out the praises He so rightly deserves. Celebrate with Him the changes you’ve experienced and the blessings He’s provided.


* Now that you have established a habit of daily prayer, make a commitment to continue listening and talking with God for the rest of the year! Make a date with Him one day in advance and stick to it. Your life WILL be changed!